Vaibhav Tandon

I am a Web and Android Developer, make things from scratch and love to contribute to open source by making small extensions and libraries. Love to write blogs also.

Open Source Work

ionicsnippets VS Code Extension

It is a VS Code Extension for Ionic Snippets and provides small to big snippets.

vov.css CSS

It is a small class based animation library consisting of various small animations which is useful in day to day life.

validity-checker NodeJS

A small npm module to check the validity of different types of numbers which are used everyday.

scrollpercent Html CSS JavaScript

A javascript plugin for showing the percentage of the page that has been scrolled.

cursor.css CSS JavaScript

A small library to create custom cursors.

Regex Engine Java

A small regex engine based on java which checks the validity of various regex'

ProgSwag TypeScript Ionic

An Ionic based app which shows the latest free swags giveaway by different companies.

Tetris JavaScript HTML

A single player tetris game

Search The Definition Chrome Extension JavaScript

A chrome extension to search the meaning of any word just by selecting that word.

My Work

Feedie JavaScript Firebase

A tool to show the metrics of the rating gained as a feedback for the websites.

Stacker Unity3D

A small game for all generes of people.

Talk to Harry Quiz Google Assistant

A small quiz based google assistant app on Harry Potter.

Crush Impresser Alexa Skill

Alexa Skill for impressing your girl with some cheesy lines.

Train Berth Location Android

A small android app to know the location of the seat in Indian Trains.


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